Choosing The Right Tie For Any Occasion

Although ties are a purely decorative item, there are some situations where they need to be worn or should be worn, either as a requirement or as acceptable etiquette. As there are simply thousands of ties to choose from, the dilemma one often has is to what tie should you wear for the occasion.Whether you are attending for an interview, starting a new job, going out for dinner or attending a house party with family and friends, it is important to choose the right tie, to ensure you feel comfortable, look smart and you won’t feel out of place.

Matching The Neck Tie

How often have you found yourself with this dilemma? If you don’t wear a tie very often, or you don’t know what looks right for you, this can be a particular problem. Making the right impression can be important and choosing the right tie can be crucial in establishing a stylish, elegant appearance.As there are so many types and styles of tie, the problem can be compounded. Like any other item of clothing, fashions change quickly, so if your first reaction to needing a tie is to reach to the back of your wardrobe that hasn’t been worn for many years, it may not be fashionable anymore.Ties can be made of wool, silk or even knitted, essentially you can choose your own tie, but this can also be governed by price, as there is a huge variety in the market.¬†Choose a purchase to suit your own budget, and it is worth visiting several stores to compare prices, this is much easier if you are shopping online.

Always consider the occasion, a tie worn for a party wouldn’t always be suitable for an interview and if you were going out for dinner this may allow you to be more creative. A colourful character tie maybe great for a party, but not great if you are attending for an interview. If you are unsure which attire to wear for an interview, the recommendation is to play safe and wear a plain, single colour tie without any pattern, but also pay attention to colour as well.Colour is one of the most important factors, as some colours simply don’t go with each other. Pay particular attention to the colour of your shirt and if in doubt search the internet to find a colour wheel which will give you a better idea of which colours compliment each other. If you still can’t make a decision, it is possible to purchase shirt and tie sets, which will ensure a good combination, if you don’t mind the extra expense. Traditionally softer, paler or pastel colours are worn in spring and summer time, while winter allows deeper, more rich colours.If you want to be more bold and choose a patterned tie, again pay attention to colour, also the golden rule if wearing a patterned tie, is to wear a plain shirt. A patterned shirt should be also complimented with a plain tie, as the patterned designs will probably clash with each other.With these basic tips, you will be well on your way to choosing the right tie and achieving a stylish look

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